Our Values

The core values of the Democratic Party.


Civil and Human Rights

We believe in a democratic government that cherishes our Constitution, especially its guarantees of free speech, free exercise of religion, separation of church and state, and freedom from all forms of discrimination. The inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all human beings are the foundations of freedom, justice and peace in the world. The strength of our democracy rests on the rights and responsibilities set forth in the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Democrats must continue their traditional leadership in championing the civil rights of all.


Economic Opportunity and Security

We believe in a society where you tax fairly, spend wisely, and all people have access to the ladder of opportunity. The government has the responsibility to counter the trend of economic inequality through effective regulation, progressive taxation, and responsible spending. In addition, the government plays an important role in aiding economic development, including infrastructure investment, which is vital to continued growth and quality of life.


We believe that a high quality public education system that spans from early childhood through college and workforce training is essential to protecting our democracy and economic stability. In addition, no Maine child or student should be deterred from pursuing higher education or technical training because of the fear and burden of student loan debt. We believe we need to address the skyrocketing cost of higher education by providing sufficient funding to public universities.

Environment and Energy

We must strive to be responsible stewards of the environment, our communities, and our planet. All people, including future generations, have the right to clean air, water, and a healthy natural environment.


Ethical Government and Democracy

We believe in a government that is "for the people" and "by the people," not ruled by big corporations and the ultra wealthy. We are committed to a representative democracy that encourages maximum active participation, an open and fair election system, upholds constitutional rights and fair elections for the people.


Health Care

We believe that everyone deserves access to a family doctor and that access to quality health care is a fundamental human right. Therefore we promote a universal, single-payer, non-profit health care system for Maine and the nation, with a primary mission of maintaining and improving health and wellness rather than profitability. We support and commend the progress represented by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.



We believe that a strong middle class is the backbone of our economy. In order to build our middle class, it's essential that we develop good jobs with safe working conditions—with fair and living wages, health and retirement benefits, and free from harassment and discrimination.



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